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Best Ping Pong Paddles Reviews of 2018

Choosing a ping pong paddle that is actually worth your money is not very easy. The reason is that the market is flooded with them. It is hard to choose the right one when all of them look the same one way or another.

However, you need to have a sharp eye to tell apart a good paddle from the best ping pong paddle. Of course, you will also need to look out for some features in the paddle too. Before we can move on to the list of paddles, here are a few features you should keep in mind when you’re buying a ping pong paddle.

  • The best ping pong paddle must have a handle that gives you a comfortable and stable grip on the paddle.
  • It should have the blade that can help you play all your techniques.
  • The design of the paddle must be comfortable for the hand to position around while playing.
  • Most importantly, the rubber on the blade should be of high quality so that the strikes are always efficient.


Best Ping Pong Paddles: Reviews

JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle – 4 Pack Pro Premium Table Tennis Racket Set, 8 Professional Game Balls, Spin Rubber Bat, Training/recreational Racquet Kit, Accessories Bundle Portable Cover Case Bag

JP Winlook produces the best blades in a paddle. The blade is undoubtedly the essential part of a table tennis paddle. Its quality can affect the entire game. The rubber on the blade of this product is made of natural rubber and soft orange sponge sheet which gives the ball right bounce when you strike.

JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle The rubber on the blade is secured with ultra-strong adhesives. The edges of the rubber sheet are held firmly by tapes stronger still which will prevent the rubber sheets from coming off, taking the corners in special consideration since they can be the weakest points. This ensures durability and long-term use.

These easy-to-use paddles can be used by the people of all ages, regardless of their level of play. These can be the best ping pong paddles for beginners. Similarly, they can be the best ping pong paddles for intermediate players. These are just perfect for all.

The loop stokes are a unique specialty of these paddles. So if that is your best technique, these are the one for you. This product comes in a pair of two rackets and eight ping pong balls. These are nicely set in a blue zipper bag which makes it easy to carry the equipment and keep them in one place.

Since this equipment meets the standards set by the ITTF, you don’t have to worry about the quality at all. But just in case, the product comes with money back guarantee of sixty days. They also offer a free replacement warranty of one year. The rubber sheets used are natural and thus, these rackets are not just efficient but also environment-friendly.

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STIGA Performance 4-Player Table Tennis Racket Set Includes Four Performance Rackets and Six 3-Star Balls

STIGA Performance 4-Player Table Tennis Racket Set This product comes in a pack of table tennis paddles and six ping pong balls. It is a complete set for the game that four people can enjoy.  These have ITTF standards, and quality is optimum.

The rubber on the blade comes with a distinct feature. It is designed to have a slightly concave shape. This will give you enormous control of the ball. If spinners are your area of expertise, this will be a fantastic choice for you as the best ping pong paddle.

AbcoTable Tennis Ping Pong Set – Pack of 4 Premium Paddles/Rackets and 6 Table Tennis Balls – Soft Sponge Rubber – Ideal for Professional & Recreational Games – 2 or 4 Players – Perfect Set On The Go

AbcoTable Tennis Ping Pong SetProfessional standards are met here by Abco. These table tennis paddles will give you the feeling of professionalism as you play. The five-ply blade is coated with first quality rubber. The thickness of the racket is 5mm, and the inverted shape gives you an extraordinary experience.

You have greater control, and the ball has better spin and bounce. The all-rounded nature of these rackets is what makes them the best ping pong paddle for intermediate players.

These rackets provide a firm and flexible hold. The handles are designed to be of a wider diameter on top and bottom while being narrower in the middle. Such designs are preferred by the professionals too; you’d certainly love them.

JOOLA 4-Player Indoor Table Tennis Hit Set (Bundle Includes 4 Rackets/Paddles, 8 Balls, Carrying Case)JOOLA 4-Player Indoor Table Tennis Hit Set

This product offers tremendous speed and firm control. The handles of the paddle have uniform design and are convenient to hold. This also gives you excellent control of the ball as you play.

This set comes as a complete table tennis set. There are two pairs of paddles and eight ping pong balls, enclosed in an easy to carry bag. The blade is covered with an even surfaced rubber sheet, giving you the upper hand in speed and in directing the ball.

Jebor Professional Table Tennis Paddle Advanced Training Ping Pong Racket With Carrying Case, 7 plies Wooden Blade with Long Handle

This Jebor Professional Table Tennis Paddle is excellent for control. Unlike the traditional table tennis rackets, this one has a seven-ply blade. The racket is made of seven films of cottonwood. This is the secret to the remarkable control it offers.Jebor Professional Table Tennis Paddle Advanced Training Ping Pong Racket

Edge damages are not uncommon in paddles. However, this one, in particular, has a solution for that. The sponge is a 20mm thick layer coating the surface of the blade, while the edges have plasticity due to the 0.4mm stick rubber. You can count on this one for long-term use since it is well protected against damage.

The design and quality of this racket make it the best ping pong paddle even for rough use in your training. The wood used in the manufacturing of this product is all natural, without traces of anything harmful. This makes it perfect for any player, especially those with sensitive skin. They can rely on these for an excellent gaming experience, without worrying about their skin.

STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Evolution Table Tennis RacketThis racket is guaranteed to give your opponent a hard time keeping up your speed and spin. The six-ply blade ensures optimum performance. Something every intermediate and the advanced level player would desire for their game. Using this racket will certify an experience that will be unlike any other.

A unique feature added to the design of this racket is the shock dispersion technology. No matter how rough, fast and tough your game gets, you will always have the upper hand. This is the best ping pong paddle for a high-speed game.

MAPOL 4 Star Professional Ping Pong Paddle Advanced Training Table Tennis Racket With Carrying Case (2PCS)

MAPOL 4 Star Professional Ping Pong Paddle Advanced Training Table Tennis Racket With Carrying CaseThis product is for the players of all levels. The seven-ply blade surface is enfolded with a slightly heavy rubber film of 2mm thickness. This is perfectly balanced by the handles designed in a flared shape. The thicker ends and narrower middle gives a comfortable and flexible grip on the racket.

This design ensures effective control of the ball and provides a good spin with each strike. The pair of paddles is easy to carry in a fabric bag.

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STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis RacketThis product is undeniably the best ping pong paddle that gives you the upper hand when it comes to strength. This strength and vigor come from the carbon technology used in the manufacturing of these paddles. The surface is made hard for better control with two films of carbon attached to it.

The handle is designed in a way you won’t feel the offensive attacks made by the player and continue to play with utmost convenience and comfort. You won’t strain your wrists as the vibrations get taken up easily.

The use of balsa wood in the manufacturing makes the racket light, which decreases the reaction time. This will give you greater speed. The six-ply blade and 2mm rubber sheet of optimum quality will ensure you a smooth practice session. It will undoubtedly help you a lot during a competition.

KEVENZ Patented Table Tennis Rackets, Professional Table Tennis Rackets, Ping Pong Paddles with Long Handle, Family Ping Pong Racket

KEVENZ Patented Table Tennis RacketsThis product has a lightweight blade of 5 plies, and the surface is coated with S5 rubber, 2mm thick. The handle also has a coating of rubber on the side, which will give you an extra grip as you play.

It comes as a complete set of table tennis equipment with rackets and ping pong balls. If you are trying to step up a level in a game of table tennis, this is the product for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Ping Pong Paddle

Q: What makes a racket the best ping pong paddle?

A: The grip, control, and power provided by a paddle make it the best one.

Q: Are ping pong paddles eco-friendly?

A: They can be if the rubber used in them is all natural.

Q: Can the right paddles avoid injury?

A: They certainly can, especially if they have vibration absorption and flexibility.


By going through this list, one can decide which one is the best table tennis paddle for them. One should keep their level and style of play in mind while choosing a table tennis racket. The best table tennis racket is the one that is durable and feels comfortable in your hand.

It is essential to choose the right paddle because they are used by the players every day. So, one must buy something that is worth the money and is long lasting.

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